Secure Windows XP use after support Ends – Best Practices

If you have to continue running Windows XP in your IT environment even though Microsoft has ended its support, you are not alone. It is estimated that between 20%-25% of enterprise still run Windows XP and at least 10% of their systems.

One of the main reasons why rapid migration is not an option is because applications that include browsers cannot be migrated to a later OS, and this acts as an inhibitor to upgrading. Embedded XP systems such as POS devices can also be impacted as they cannot be rapidly migrated either.



How to obtain high availability for MS applications

High availability describes a concept that can also be called operational continuity over a particular period of time.  This level of service is reflected  by the amount of up time you are able to provide to your suppliers, clients and staff to have access to the system as a whole, the services you provide and the core of your business; the applications. 


KEMP Technologies Weekly News Roundup

Microsoft to unveil Exchange 15 at resurrected MEC this September

Microsoft plans to unveil Exchange 15 at Microsoft Exchange Conference, an event focused on the company's Exchange Server software.

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