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Video: Load balancing vCloud Director multi-cell with the KEMP Virtual Loadmaster

A while back Eric Sloof posted a video on how the KEMP Virtual Loadmaster is able to balance client connections to the vCloud Director portal and ensure a highly available multi cell deployment by monitoring services an response times.

Eric is renown across the virtualization community as a great producer of video content for VMware and virtualization videos!



A Summary of KEMP Community Articles

We've had a lot of community focus on KEMP products over the last few weeks and I thought it would be good to consolodate several of the articles that I liked onto one blog post!


MVP Steve Goodman's Review on "Using the KEMP LoadMaster with Exchange Server 2010"

Steve Goodman is a Technical Architect at one of the UK's leading IT services providers. He works on design and delivery of Microsoft and VMware solutions for organisations across the UK. He is also a Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server.