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Web Content Switching Load Balancers

Content SwitchContent switching is known by a number of different names but essentially we are talking the content switch feature which is specifically intended to offer better load balancing performance for website content, because the various requests can be routed more effectively to the servers that can respond to them in an efficient manner. All KEMP Technologies LoadMaster load balancers offer industry leading web content switching capabilities  



What Load-Balancing scheduling methods are available on the KEMP Loadmaster?

Another question often asked about KEMP Loadmaster is about what different methods can be used to distribute traffic? There are many different methods of traffic distribution among server clusters and many different reasons to use each depending on the use case.

The traffic distribution is based on a load balancing algorithm or scheduling method. The scheduling is applied on a per Virtual service basis. Here is a list of the methods:


What does "Transparency" mean? And why is it needed?




Tiered Server Redundancy with KEMP Loadmaster

As a load balancer and application delivery controller the KEMP Loadmaster is versatile in how it can be deployed. Some of our customers aren't looking for a traditional load balancing solution but instead want tiered server redundancy.

What if I don't want to balance my servers? Can the LoadMaster provide tiered server redundancy?

You'll be delighted to hear that it can and that it's not realy a big deal to set up.


Prioritising your Server Clusters Correctly

A cluster consists of a group of networked servers that are often called nodes. These nodes are able to run the  server content of any of the other servers in their cluster and are ready to take up the load should one or more of the other servers in the network fail because of hardware or software failure. Clustered computers are aware of their peers, continually monitor peer level performance and can make decisions when to take over from a server in the cluster when it is considered, thanks to pre-programmed algorithms, that intervention is required.



Direct Server Return is it for you?

Direct Server Return or DSR was introduced into the feature set of load balancers or Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) to deal with a particular potential problem. The core design concept of load balancers is to distribute traffic load across clustered CPUs, RAM, network infrastructure and discs in order to increase network reliability and performance while introducing the benefits of redundancy.


When simplification is equal to optimization - Selecta choose KEMP Technologies.

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How to obtain high availability for MS applications

High availability describes a concept that can also be called operational continuity over a particular period of time.  This level of service is reflected  by the amount of up time you are able to provide to your suppliers, clients and staff to have access to the system as a whole, the services you provide and the core of your business; the applications. 


KEMP Load Balancer Help Lions Club International Serve Communities Worldwide without Server Worry


Dealing with Downtime - Avoiding that Disaster

dealing with downtimeDowntime effectively occurs for two reasons that are either planned or unplanned. Serious downtime can be caused by;

·       Network failure either LAN or WAN

·       A server fault resulting in it becoming offline