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Layer 4 & Layer 7 Networking: What can cause service outage where the application stops responding?

It is important to take into account two loss of service scenarios, in order to do this analysis it is important to spend a moment talking about the OSI seven layer model, basically each layer defines a function of an element in the network, starting from the most basic and finishing with the top level or most complex elements.

Layers and what they mean


What the heck is "Layer 7" Load Balancing anyway?

Layer 7 Load BalancerThe most popular load balancers or application delivery controllers mix traditional simple Layer 4 load balancing with the more advanced application sensitive Layer 7 (Taken from the OSI model) content switching technology. 


How to get your website ready for increased traffic in the coming year

Though the holiday season has come and gone it is still well worthwhile to develop a project plan to make sure that no element of your website has been overlooked as you prepare for the coming year and continued increases in web traffic. Should you overlook even one part of the infrastructure there is a real risk of downtime occurring which as everyone knows is bad for business and even your reputation.