How Do Other Businesses Buy Load Balancing Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)? - Part 3 - Load Balancer Buyers Guide

The decision of which ADC vendor to leverage for a Load Balancing solution is a common one faced by many organizations. Clearly defining the application infrastructure and business requirements is a great help in limiting your research criteria.

The check list

Having a check list is a great way to simplify the selection process. Many Enterprises compose lists including the following line items:


ADC and Blade Consolidation – ADCs and Blade Servers United


Web Content Switching Load Balancers

Content SwitchContent switching is known by a number of different names but essentially we are talking the content switch feature which is specifically intended to offer better load balancing performance for website content, because the various requests can be routed more effectively to the servers that can respond to them in an efficient manner. All KEMP Technologies LoadMaster load balancers offer industry leading web content switching capabilities  



Direct Server Return is it for you?

Direct Server Return or DSR was introduced into the feature set of load balancers or Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) to deal with a particular potential problem. The core design concept of load balancers is to distribute traffic load across clustered CPUs, RAM, network infrastructure and discs in order to increase network reliability and performance while introducing the benefits of redundancy.


How to get your website ready for increased traffic in the coming year

Though the holiday season has come and gone it is still well worthwhile to develop a project plan to make sure that no element of your website has been overlooked as you prepare for the coming year and continued increases in web traffic. Should you overlook even one part of the infrastructure there is a real risk of downtime occurring which as everyone knows is bad for business and even your reputation.



Peter Melerud - KEMP Technologies - IPEXPO UK 2011

Presentation from IPExpo where Peter Melerud talks us through how virtual ADC can deliver highly available and scalable application access.