The Top 15 Exchange Questions that Senior Admin Ask - Jaap Wesselius


In this SlideShare, MVP Jaap Wesselius covers the most frequently asked questions from Senior Exchange admins. The topics covered include:

  • Best Practices for Installing Exchange
  • How can Exchange 2010 coexist with 2016?
  • How to migrate from Exchange 2010 to 2016
  • What are the benefits of MAPI/HTTP?
  • What are the benefits of Hybrid Deployment?
  • How to enable an IMAP4 connection
  • What spam protection is available with Exchange 2016?
  • What is tarpitting? Why am I being tarpitted? How to bypass a tarpit interval?
  • Best ways to achieve high availability
  • How to ensure site resiliency
  • Is VEAAM supported for Exchange?
  • How to configure SMTP Relay in Exchange
  • Uses for Offcat
  • How to Avoid/Remove Cryptolocker
  • The Best Free Tools for Exchange