Windows Brings Powershell to Linux

Windows brings Powershell to Linux

PowerShell expands beyond Windows

Microsoft are bringing their .NET based PowerShell scripting language and command shell to platforms beyond Windows with the announcement that PowerShell will be released as open source software. It follows Microsoft .NET and the Chakra JavaScript Engine into the open source realm under the MIT license. Microsoft wants to ensure that their very powerful scripting language can be used with all platforms and tools that organisations use today, and they recognise that this includes platforms and tools other than Windows based ones. In addition to the source files available on the Microsoft GitHub repository there are also packages available for download for Ubuntu, Centos, OS X, and of course Windows systems.


PowerShell is widely adopted

PowerShell has been adopted widely by many Network management and DevOps tools. It can be used as a scripting language with Docker, Chef, Ansible, and Puppet. VMware has adopted PowerShell as the scripting language for their PowerCLI 6.0 toolset for automating vSphere and vCloud Air workflows as well. KEMP LoadMaster also supports automation via PowerShell, and we supply an extensive set of cmdlets so you can incorporate LoadMaster into an automated workflow.


PowerShell is future proof

Bringing PowerShell to more platforms fits in with Microsoft’s goal to make Azure a core component of hybrid cloud deployment models beyond the Microsoft server stack. It’s now possible to have Linux based deployments on Azure and on premise that integrate with workflows that use Microsoft applications and Windows based servers, and automate them end to end using the powerful, modern, object based PowerShell scripting tool. If you haven’t already done so then now is a good time to add PowerShell to your administration and automation toolkit.