Microsoft release SharePoint Server 2016 RC (Release Candidate) for download

With the new built-in Hybrid Cloud capabilities in SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft claims it is the most reliable, scalable, secure and highly performant server release ever. The beta 2 release was launched in November 2015 and over 5,000 people have downloaded it to get early access to the new features.

SharePoint 2016 now provides unprecedented deployment flexibility, whether you’re looking to deploy on-premise or in a Hybrid Cloud scenario. As business needs and technological advancements converge, System Administrators have an opportunity to take advantage of the new innovations for their organizations in a scenario best suited to their environment.

Load Balancing SharePoint

A load balancer directs traffic across multiple servers, monitors their health, and ensures that the best possible target server is used for individual requests. KEMP's LoadMaster incorporates data compression on responses to application requests to reduce bandwidth use. When combined with content caching to reduce the number of requests that have to be directed to backend pool servers for static content, this improves application performance results.

Developers and DevOps

As a developer, you now have new ways to create contextual solutions that span SharePoint Server 2016 and Office 365 on the web, on mobile apps, and via Microsoft Office. SharePoint Server 2016 provides simpler and more robust APIs and tool improvements to make building solutions easier than ever before.

Project Server 2016 RC

In addition to these updates, SharePoint Server 2016 RC also works with Project Server 2016 RC.

You can download SharePoint Server 2016 RC today via the Microsoft Download Center and share feedback directly with Microsoft engineering teams through the SharePoint Server Forum.