What Can a Particular ADC Vendor Offer Me? - Part 4 - Load Balancer Buyers Guide

At KEMP Technologies we strive to provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed buying decision and access to the best data about our products and how they can fit your unique needs.

An easy to navigate website

KEMP Technologies provides an easily navigable website full of useful resources that can help you to define the correct solution for your deployment:

·      Expert webinar series on a number of popular Enterprise applications

o   http://www.kemptechnologies.com/load-balancing-webinars-and-videos

·      Detailed description of KEMP Technologies product solutions

o   http://www.kemptechnologies.com/products-solutions

·      Common application infrastructures addressed with KEMP solutions

o   http://www.kemptechnologies.com/products/solutions

·      Find local distributor,  reseller and Account Management teams

o   http://www.kemptechnologies.com/kemp-worldwide-contacts

·      Additional Info Request Form

o   http://www.kemptechnologies.com/contact/contact.html

·      Trial Product Download

o   http://www.kemptechnologies.com/try-a-yellow-box

o   http://www.kemptechnologies.com/server-load-balancing-appliances/virtual-loadbalancer/vlm-download

For any questions that you’re not able to address at http://www.kemptechnologies.com, please send a message to info@kemptechnologies.com. Our well-trained staff is keen on clearly understanding your requirements and helping you to find the right solution for your environment.

Pre and post-sales support

It is certainly worth inquiring about the support services that the vendor you are interested in can offer prior to engaging at a deeper level. KEMP Technologies offers a one year 5x10 support contract as part of the original purchase price for every product offered. Various additional levels of support are also available. Even during evaluations, access to KEMP Engineers is facilitated to help you to understand best how the product will fit into your POC and eventual Production deployment and answer any questions you may have.

Route to market

Every ADC vendor should offer a clear and logical route to market. For end users, the ability to get a firm and accurate quotation from an approved reseller in a timely fashion is the most important requirement.  For this reason, it is important to look for a consistent approach and channel strategy from any vendor that you are considering:

Vendor to reseller

·      Great products that are reliable, have consistent performance, and are offered at affordable prices

·      Easy access to vendor sales, presales and technical support teams

·      An abundance of qualified leads

·      Close support to help deliver on client needs

·      A clear approach to market strategy that does not including selling direct as well as via channels unless the vendor can give very clear reasons why direct or channel will be used in any purchasing situation

Reseller to end user

·      Great products that are reliable, have consistent performance, and are offered at affordable prices

·      Easy access to vendor sales, presales and technical support teams who can answer questions and provide qualified partners to support the project

·      Easy to find information about the products and how they work with the applications that are mission critical to you

·      Certification on common Enterprise application solutions

Load Balancer Buyers Guide

Stay tuned as week by week we guide you through the things you need to know about purchasing load balancers and application delivery controllers.

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