vExpert Arjan Timmerman Reviews KEMP's VLM100 on VMware Fusion 5.0.2

Today VMware vExpert Arjan Timmerman has posted up a review of KEMP Technologies VML-100 loadbalancer on his site!

It covers everthing from Installation, Installing Templates, Using a template to setup a Virtual Service and also covers why you want a virtual loadbalancer!


Arjan also says in the article:

The installation of KEMP technologies loadbalancer was a smooth and easy to perform one. Same goes for setting up some basic rules, but it would be a good thing for KEMP to add a lot more templates on their website. The KEMP technology documentation and website are excellent resources and this link provides many reviews and information about KEMP’s product line by many fellow bloggers. We set this up in an test environment with a customer and tested the rules I implemented above for Exchange 2010 and it worked excellent. I would definitely recommend giving KEMP a trial when looking for a loadbalancer."

Read the full article here: