Product Review: KEMP Technologies LoadMaster LM-5300 Load Balancer

J. Peter Bruzzese reviewed the LoadMaster LM-5300 Load Balancer in October.


I thought I would post it here as it is a very good and well structured article covering the key areas of the LM-5300

He sums up the article saying:

It’s a great load balancer filled with high-end features at a reasonable price. I liked the product, I like their intense focus on load balancing rather than being all over the board with solutions. And I like their policy of just sending out boxes for folks to try them out. What a great way for Exchange admins who are in need of a load balancer to get their HA in place for non-mailbox servers to see the product and work with it before committing. Two thumbs up on the KEMP LM-5300.

You can see the whole review here: